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About GeorgiaEMSAcademy.com

 GeorgiaEMSAcademy.com provides EMS initial training for EMT and AEMT as well as the worlds most flexible and comprehensive EMS Refresher Course (for EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic).   The thoughtful curriculum  is faithfully true to it's roots (the National Education Standards and the American Heart Association) and delivered in thoughtful and often creative ways.  GeorgiaEMSAcademy.com has been around since 2007 providing continuing education, EMS Refresher Courses, and Initial Education. 

Currently this site offers EMS  Refresher Courses for all levels of training (EMT, AEMT, Paramedic) as well as deliver a the a challenging fast paced EMT and AEMT program in Georgia. . 

Dr. Stephen Holbrook, MD

Dr. Stephen Holbrook, MD is the Medical Director for GeorgiaEMSAcademy.com.  Dr. Holbrook has served EMS in a variety of functions over the years, including performing duties as Medical Director to Grady EMS and DeKalb Fire Rescue Services.  Dr. Holbrook has contributed to numerous scientific papers on the subject of Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Medicine.  Dr. Holbrook is a longtime supporter of EMS and online education.

Lead Instructor Gary Crews

Instructor Matthew G. Crews has an extensive history in EMS.  Instructor Crews started his EMS career in the Army after being cross-trained as an EMT in 1991.  After the intensive two week training course, Instructor Crews found himself strangely interested in the field of Emergency Medicine and at the same time unusually unprepared to fill the role of EMT.  After he completed his service, he started working at various private ambulance services in the metro Atlanta area while attending Paramedic school at DeKalb Technical Institute.  Instructor Crews later worked for DeKalb EMS (and later DeKalb Fire Rescue Services).  During his years of service in DeKalb, Instructor Crews served as a Paramedic, Senior Paramedic, Field Training Officer, and EMS Instructor at the DeKalb Fire Rescue Academy.  For many of those years, Instructor Crews worked part time as an adjunct Instructor at DeKalb Technical Institute.

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