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-georgiaemsacademy.com Continuing Education 

Since 2007, georgiaemsacademy.com has produced quality continuing education that is easy to use and can be done completely at the pace and in the limited time that Georgia’s EMS workforce has to offer. This program delivers up to 60 hours of pre approved continuing education for the reasonable price of $40.00. This year, NREMT announced that they are permanently waiving their distributive education requirements for their biennial certification renewal (due to COVID). Despite their obscure choice of words, this means that you can renew your NREMT without ever having to have any contact with a live instructor. At georgiaemsacademy.com we understand that you have better things to do than sit in a live classroom. This is why we developed an entire NCCR program (state, local, and individual components) in an extremely easy to use video format. The program is also designed and approved to meet the continuing education requirement stipulated in Georgia Rules and Regulations Rule 511-9-2.13 License Renewal For Emergency Medical Services Personnel which stipulates 40 hours of continuing education. The pre-approved continuing education should minimally be comprised of 24 hours of general content, 8 hours of pediatric content, 4 hours of trauma content, and 4 hours of cardiology content.

It’s Easy To Use

 Once in the system, the student clicks a link to view the material which directs them to a pretest. Once the pretest is completed, the student can begin working on assignments which are video lessons. After the lessons are watched, the student takes a post test and the system issues a completed certificate for each course. Signing up for the course is easy, simply log in with your username and password above or if you are a new user, click the 'Not A User? Click Here' link. After you successfully log in, select the 'Continuing Education' program, tell us what level you want, pay for the class and get started. The course is asynchronous (distributive) meaning you can get your training anytime of the day or night.

Interesting Material

The topics (at least for the National Core Competency Refresher) were chosen by the NREMT. Some are better than others, however the entire course is pretty good, which is why we chose to make this available to everybody. The rest of the material was intended to dovetail with the NCCR.

In The Pocket

The new georgiaemsacademy.com learning management system understands how crazy life is for the EMS community. We have certainly been there. Responding to emergency calls is extremely unpredictable. For this reason, it is very easy to start a course then stop at any moment to run a call. After the call is over and you have a few minutes, you can pick up where you left off.

We Will Update The Georgia EMS License Management System For You

 If you provide us with your Georgia Medic ID (EMS License Number), we will confirm your license number and send your certificates to the Georgia EMS License Management System on your behalf.

Good For Retesting

The georgiaemsacademy.com Continuing Education & Refresher Course Program is acceptable for retesting purposes. What this means is an EMS student (any level) can take this course and get a certificate that will allow the student to re-attempt the NREMT exam (required after the student has failed the exam 3 times).

It Costs $40

The georgiaemsacademy.com Continuing Education & Refresher Course Program costs only $40 and will deliver all the hours you have to have to keep your Georgia State EMS license or National Registry certification current.

It's easy to manually input our certificates into National Registry

When you take an NCCR program, you are literally taking a class that was written by NREMT.   NREMT already knows how many hours of airway, trauma, operations, pediatrics, and cardiology are in the NCCR.  Since NREMT knows how many hours, there is no need for you to specify how many hours, just upload the certificate as the National Component.  As for the other hours of training, you just add the certificates and there is no requirement on subject matter. Watch this video:



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