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Back by popular demand is continuing education.  This program delivers 40 hours of pre approved contuing education for the reasonable price of $40.00.  The program is designed to meet you the continuing education requirement stipluated in Georgia Rules and Regulations Rule 511-9-2.13 License Renewal For Emergency Medical Services Personnel which stipulates 40 hours of continuing education training in addition to current certification in BCLS/ACLS.  In addition to the 24 hours of general content are 8 hours of pediatric content, 4 hours of trauma content, and 4 hours of cardiology content.

Signing up for the course is easy, simply log in with your username and password above or if you are a new user, click the 'Not A User? Click Here' link.  After you successfully log in,  select the 'Continuing Education' program, tell us what level you want, pay for the class and get started.  The course is asynchronous (distributive) meaning you can get your training anytime of the day or night.  Below are the courses we have approved and placed in 3 different training levels (EMT, EMT-I/AEMT, and Paramedic):
TitleHoursApproval Number
Drive Right, Pass Left Part 11OEMS-2016-235
Drive Right, Pass Left Part 21OEMS-2016-236
Incident Command System Part 11OEMS-2016-225
Incident Command System Part 21OEMS-2016-226
Prescribed Medications Part 11OEMS-2016-229
Prescribed Medications Part 21OEMS-2016-230
Patient Assessment & Documentation Part I1OEMS-2016-205
Patient Assessment & Documentation Part II1OEMS-2016-206
Signs & Symptoms Part 11OEMS-2016-237
Signs & Symptoms Part 21OEMS-2016-238
Fly or Die1OEMS-2016-207
Pediatrics Part 11OEMS-2016-209
Pediatrics Part 21OEMS-2016-210
Cardiovascular Emergencies Part 11OEMS-2016-215
Cardiovascular Emergencies Part 21OEMS-2016-216
Infection Control Part 11OEMS-2016-199
Infection Control Part 21OEMS-2016-200
Drug Dose Calculations1OEMS-2016-217
12 Lead & The Search For STEMI Part 11OEMS-2016-201
12 Lead & The Search For STEMI Part 21OEMS-2016-202
Airway & Breathing, It's Everybody's Job1OEMS-2016-208
Blood, Blood Pressure & The Heart Part 11OEMS-2016-219
Blood, Blood Pressure & The Heart Part 21OEMS-2016-220
Bradycardias & Blocks Part 11OEMS-2016-195
Bradycardias & Blocks Part 21OEMS-2016-196
Driving Conditions Part 11OEMS-2016-197
Driving Conditions Part 21OEMS-2016-198
Hazardous Materials Onscene Part 11OEMS-2016-221
Hazardous Materials Onscene Part 21OEMS-2016-222
MCI & ICS1OEMS-2016-218
Trauma By Call Part 11OEMS-2016-203
Trauma By Call Part 21OEMS-2016-204
Try Before You Pry Part 11OEMS-2016-213
Try Before You Pry Part 21OEMS-2016-214
The Home Delivery Part I1OEMS-2016-211
The Home Delivery Part II1OEMS-2016-212
Respiratory Emergencies Part 11OEMS-2016-227
Respiratory Emergencies Part 21OEMS-2016-228
Infants Part I1OEMS-2016-231
Infants Part II1OEMS-2016-232
Toddlers and Older Children Part I1OEMS-2016-233
Toddlers and Older Children Part II1OEMS-2016-235
Anatomy and Physiology Part I1OEMS-2016-257
Anatomy and Physiology Part II1OEMS-2016-258
Anatomy and Physiology Part III1OEMS-2016-259
Anatomy and Physiology Part IV1OEMS-2016-260
Best Practices For Safe Transportation of Children In Ambulances1OEMS-2017-352
Living In Boxes3OEMS-2017-507-G
The Not Load and Go Patient3OEMS-2017-506-G

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